Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Excitement churns inside me
almost trembles otuwardly

I take the pluge

Feel myself spinning with enthusiasm
joy bubbles over


My enjoyment and inspiration endless
I realize I have achieved more in this life than I ever dreamt possible

The cimmerian sea envelops my soul...

I am free!

Monday, May 31, 2010

1864, The Toreador...

1864, The Toreador

Alone again,

as in life.

The Toreador,

lay in peace.

Pain, suffer,




silk cloth apricot

The Toreador,

void of life.

No great loss,


Funny white legs, black ends,

dark hair, dark eyes, moustache.

The Toreador,

enters unseen.

Unaware sets foot in,


Dressed in a cummerbund.

Clad in black, white shirt.

The Toreador,

disqualified nuptials.

Love unknown,

yearn no more.

Like a sword,

weapon of life.

The Toreador,

all darkness,

Eyelids veiled.


No pardon given...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Darkness Falling by Leanne M. Johnston...


Darkness all around me

as your shadows surround me

and the light slowly walks away.

Looking down this lonely road

I see the greyness

and the dark blue

caressing the horizon

up above

not far away.

The oneness of your glowing light

goes on and on

leading me on

guiding me on.

Occasionally I think of you

as though

you may have meant

something to me

at some time.

The night-time follows after you

and deeply

you penetrate

my soul.

Darkness all around me

as your love embrace

surrounds me

and encompasses my soul.

Leading not controlling

the patience of the moment

goes on and on

Leading me on

Guiding me on.

Copyright ©2003 Leanne M. Johnston